Kostas Poulopoulos, Architect MAA

Kostas Poulopoulos, Architect MAA

SquareOne is an architecture studio based in Copenhagen and operating internationally. It was founded in 2015 by Kostas Poulopoulos, Architect MAA, who has obtained considerable international experience close to Kengo Kuma Architects, Henning Larsen Architects (as Lead Design Architect) and BIG (as Senior Architect) before setting up shop. During his tenure as Lead Designer at HLA, Kostas was responsible for the concept design of Siemens HQ in Munich, Nordea HQ in Copenhagen, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the ZSW Centrum in Stuttgart and Novo Nordisk HQ,  all currently in operation or under construction.

SquareOne transforms no-nonsense strategies into captivating designs. We are -no doubt- solution oriented, but in all honesty, we consider functionality a low hanging fruit. Of course things have to work: but what else is out there? Us humans don’t live our lives just to eat, work and sleep; we live so we can sing, love, reflect, create. Why then live in environments that are anything less than inspiring?

We are convinced that “good enough” is not good enough: we pursue architecture for thriving. And we do so with enthusiasm.



When we go hunting.


We are not the type of professionals that go about with a machine gun and shoot at everything: where is the fun in that? We like to think that we are sharpshooters, maybe even bow hunters. Our method is: recognition (-not analysis!). We don't waste time analyzing the irrelevant, that's not what experts do. We immediately focus on understanding the hunting grounds; our hunting companions;  the conditions; and most of all, the target : its habits, its strengths and weaknesses. We allow the plan of action to flow freely from the recognition process, not the other way round. When we strike, our goal is not merely to (kill) design something. But to do it sharply and with a high sense of gusto. Not merely like experts, but like true virtuosos.